Products & Services

High-level satellite design
The main product of NAMISAT is SCALES (Satellite Conceptual Analysis tooL for Engineering Solutions). SCALES is a conceptual design tool for nano- and microsatellites, originally developed at Delft University of Technology in 2008/2009. Compared to other design tools already existing on the market, SCALES' unique design solutions are specifically targeted at satellites between 1 and 50 kg. Calculations are done for a complete satellite system, hence for the following subsystems: 1) Attitude Determination & Control, 2) Guidance & Navigation, 3) Propulsion System, 4) Telemetry, Tracking & Command, 5) Command & Data Handling, 6) Electric Power System, 7) Thermal Control System, and 8) Structures & Mechanisms.

SCALES application range

SCALES implements researched and significantly improved scaling relationships derived from statistical and historical data from satellites between 1 - 50 kg. The relationships are used for estimating the mass and power consumption of most subsystem components. By utilizing these design estimation relationships the user can achieve the optimum level of flexibility in their satellite designs. When the customer is satisfied with the resulting design solution, the consultant will help them in identifying in the underlying component database which existing components most closely match the design output and provides the user with a list of component suggestions per subsystem and vendor options for purchasing each component.

Database products
We have developed an extensive satellite database containing detailed subsystem, mission and orbital information on over 260 nano- and microsatellites in the range of 1 - 50 kilograms. In addition, we have set up a database over different subsystem components currently sold on the market. These databases will contain the most recent information available. Customers can derive a wide set of products from the databases, such as:

  • Statistical queries;
  • Plots showing, for example, the number of nanosatellites launched over time sorted per payload type;
  • List of vendors in different geographical regions.

Educational outreach
The success of the aerospace industry lies with its motivated and highly skilled engineers, scientists, managers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, marketing personnel, economists and policy makers. In order to not only maintain, but also expand today's workforce, it is very important to inspire younger generations to pursue courses at a higher level, and teach them about all the various job possibilities within the aerospace sector.

We develop educational outreach products and services, aiming at motivating and inspiring students of various age groups to pursue math-, science- and technology-related studies.

Based on our extensive knowledge on the latest capabilities of nano- and microsatellite designs, we offer our customers tailored consultancy services. With these services we hope to illustrate the numerous benefits of utilizing smaller satellites as technology testing platforms or hosts of scientific experiments and measurements.