Christina Aas
Photo: Tom Haga

Founder & Managing Director
Christina Aas comes from Oslo, Norway. She has a bachelor's degree in Physics, with focus on the fields of Quantum Physics and Space Technology, from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology. She has a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering, with focus on Space Systems Engineering, from Delft University of Technology. SCALES was developed at Delft University of Technology.

About S[&]T
Engineers at heart, we're fascinated by how things work, what puts them at the cutting-edge, and how we can make them better. As a group of physicists, mathematicians and aerospace engineers, we bring a deep understanding of the scientific questions at hand to our software development. We confer with our customers to grasp the full essence of their goals, and then create custom toolkits to make it happen.


Our scientific software support is based on understanding customer needs. We provide system health management for mission critical systems, near real-time 3D data visualization in unstructured environments, astronaut decision support tools. Our quality control software and scientific toolkits analyze terabytes of data with pinpoint accuracy. We provide full-time, part-time and project-based scientific consultation and creative public relations services. We build the bridge from your scientific goals to quality results.