Nano- and Microsatellite Design Solutions

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NAMISAT focuses on space systems engineering products and services, specifically targeted at nano- and microsatellite solutions. The company is a spinoff from S[&]T Corporation (located in Delft, The Netherlands) and Delft University of Technology. S[&]T Corporation is a software company which has over 11 years of experience in high quality satellite data products and prognostic health management solutions.

In the recent years focus of the aerospace industry and community has shifted towards nano- and microsatellites. These smaller satellites, with a mass between 1 and 100 kilograms, offer a more responsive, potentially cheaper and less risk-prone approach for testing new technologies and performing scientific research. Our goal is to offer products and services highlighting their numerous capabilities and wide range of potential, and to help our customers in achieving optimal solutions to their challenges.

NAMISAT is conducting marketing studies to match our product and services ideas with your customer needs. We have a wide range of ideas for products and services which we would like to discuss; mainly in the areas of systems engineering tools, consultancy services and educational products. In order to do this mapping in an efficient manner, we have created the following user survey. You are very welcome to enter your comments: NAMISAT Questionnaire for potential customers